Saturday, March 26, 2016

850 Coronado St.

Photo: Anne Hars
The balloons could be seen to  symbolize the inflated housing prices that go hand in hand with the demolition of rent stabilized homes. But the intent of the project is to reference the movie UP which reminds us that a house is not a disposable commodity, it represents a lifetime of caring and should not end up in a landfill just so that some very rich developers can get even richer.

Core ideas:
1)building luxury developments now is Profiteering from the housing and homelessness crisis.
2)what is happening to these residents can happen to anyone.
3)the city needs to adopt a zero loss policy on rent stabilized homes. This will force developers to build along commercial corridors which in turn will help create more sustainable walkable city areas along established metro corridors, preserve existing architecture, lower the waste created by demolition and stabilize property values. If city council says they can’t do this, don’t re-elect them. Maybe its time to clean house...

 Developer: Urban Blox
This project was aided by Mitch O'Farrell who spoke in favor of the project.
Los Angeles City Ethics

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