Thursday, March 24, 2016

2925 Waverly Drive

 2925 Waverly Drive
Photo: Jessica Van Deuren
Developer: The Southerly Group, Sam Trude and Michael Rublevitch.
The plan: five luxury small lot units.
According to neighbor Douglas Tornquist:
"The house was built in 1959 for the Tirado family. The architect was renowned Chinese American sculptor, architect, businessman Gilbert Leong. He came from a prominent Chinatown family and married the youngest daughter of the most prominent family in Chinatown, that of Fong See.

Fong see was the richest man in Chinatown, his business was called F. Suie One, there were branches downtown, Long Beach, Beverly Hills. The Pasadena shop remains, run by his granddaughter, Leslee Leong, daughter of Gilbert. They sell museum grade  antiquities.

You can read the chronicles of the See family in On Gold Mountain, a history by award-winning novelist Lisa See

The Tirado house is one of few remaining Gilbert Leong houses in the city, and a rare one-owner mid century modern in original condition."

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